Injecting hope into the crypto industry; Will the bankrupt FTX exchange resume its activities?

John Raythe new CEO of the bankrupt FTX exchange, who replaces him Sam Bankmanfried has been and oversees the bankruptcy process, in an interview with Wall street Journal He said that this exchange is looking to recover its business and if the necessary facilities are available, it will resume its activity.

Ray, who took over the position of CEO of FTX late last year, has formed a special “task force” within FTX, which examines the resumption of activities of the international branch of this exchange (

According to John Ray, he is reviewing the situation to find out whether restoring FTX’s activities is in the best interest of customers or liquidating the assets and selling the platform.

After the publication of the Wall Street Journal report, the value of the FTT token (belonging to the FTX exchange) grew by almost 30%.

Sam Benkmanfried, the former CEO of FTX, who before his arrest was known by nicknames such as “Cryptocurrency Sultan” and “Warren Buffett known as “Jawan”, expressed his satisfaction in a tweet about the possibility of resuming FTX activities.

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