Infrastructure Director: We have no problem importing bandwidth

According to Zomit, some Internet companies, when asked about the slowdown and quality of their Internet in recent weeks, consider the problem to be the lack of bandwidth that must be provided by the infrastructure communications company. They claim that the infrastructure has not imported the required bandwidth since the new government, which has reduced the quality and speed of the Internet in recent days and months.

Now the Deputy Minister of Communications and the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Infrastructure Communications Company, in response to these allegations, declares to Zomit that these allegations are not true.

Hamid Fattahi tells Zomit that the status of the infrastructure network of the infrastructure company can be seen through the system that is on the company’s website, and if there is a problem on this network, it can be reported through this system. Fattahi emphasizes that the CRM system of the infrastructure communications company is clear and the amount requested by the companies is clearly visible, so the claim of quality loss is rejected due to the lack of bandwidth provided by the infrastructure.

He confirms the existence of some problems in the fixed internet network and continues:

Most of the problem these days is the internet at the access layer. This means that we are saturated in the access layer and because of the problems we have in this area, namely the lack of development of a fixed Internet network, has caused users to be dissatisfied with their speed and quality.

We publish the quality of the Internet through the infrastructure network site. All the indicators of the country’s infrastructure network are constantly being published and can be displayed if there is a problem.

In response to Zummit’s question that the network infrastructure had not improved in the previous government; But why users were less likely to have problems with their Internet service, he said:

The increase in the number of complaints about the state of the network is more related to the increase in consumption and the inability of the access layer operators to respond properly.

According to Fattahi, the amount of bandwidth consumption in the country and the needs of operators are constantly being monitored, and according to that, the infrastructure company has contracts with international bandwidth providers, which have been closed for one to three months and six months. He emphasizes that bandwidth is purchased at a certain amount and added to the network according to the routine that has always been the case.

Emphasizing the problems in the fixed internet sector, Fattahi states that the Minister of Communications is fully aware of these problems and that is why he is trying to solve the problem by forming a working group with all actors, including infrastructure, regulators and internet companies. According to the Deputy Minister of Communications, one of the ways to solve the problem of reducing the speed of access in the country is the expansion of fiber optics, which, as promised by the Minister of Communications, will provide 20 million fiber optic ports to users by the end of the 13th government.

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