infinite engineering; MSG Sphere Las Vegas, the largest and most amazing spherical structure in the world

infinite engineering;  MSG Sphere Las Vegas, the largest and most amazing spherical structure in the world


The Sphere bowl-shaped hall now has 168,000 Holoplot speaker are skillfully placed behind the screen and the hall floor to create the largest beamforming sound system. According to the designers, the arrangement of these speakers is to imitate the experience of using headphones, but it feels almost like you are bathing in a tub of sound and you will hear the sound with precision and clarity higher than any live sound. Also, every seat in the hall receives exactly the same sound and it doesn’t matter where this seat is and how cheap the ticket was.

Filmmaking challenges for the world’s largest and brightest LED display

Of course, the Sphere’s giant LED display is just as amazing as its sound system. With an area of ​​15,000 square meters and a stunning resolution of 16K, this display is currently the largest and clearest LED display in the world.

The Sphere screen wraps around the structure and its roof to immerse the audience in an immersive, 360-degree experience, offering 100 times the clarity of the best HDTVs. This display also required designers to develop a completely new type of camera to record images.

Darren Aronofskythe famous American director, who you probably know from the films “Elegy for a Dream” and “Black Swan”, has produced the first film for Sphere, which is called “Postcard from Earth” and is scheduled to be released on October 6.

This film, which is 500,000 gigabytes in size and, according to Aronofsky, is “a sci-fi journey to the future where our descendants think about planet Earth”, uses the new camera and Sphere 4D elements to immerse the audience in a unique cinematic experience. According to Dibble, what Aronofsky has shown him so far from this film is “breathtaking”.

The custom camera system developed at Sphere Studios is called ‘Big Sky’. This single-lens camera uses a 316-megapixel 3 x 3-inch HDR image sensor, which Sphere Studio says can record 18K x 18K images at up to 120 frames per second.

Aronofsky, who is the first person who had the experience of using this camera, says:

Sphere Hall can accommodate 18,600 people sitting and 20,000 people standing. Ten thousand people can also pay more to sit in special seats that are equipped with haptic infrasound system and various features for a 4D experience, while all seats have access to high-speed Wi-Fi and the same audio experience.

Each special seat is like a low-frequency speaker thanks to the haptic system that allows you to feel the infrasound. There is also an option to blow cold air, hot air, wind and even different smells on people’s faces. According to Dibble, “We used a noise reduction system in the Sphere’s air transfer tubes, which was really interesting to NASA. They told us it’s okay if we use this system for space programs? We also said no, what’s wrong? Go relax.”

Start of MGS Sphere construction

MGS Sphere construction began in 2018; That’s when Dolan and Dibble came up with the idea that the Sphere could also be used for video game tournaments, conferences, corporate events, and movie screenings.

This 2.3 billion dollar structure belongs to Madison Square Garden Company. Its architectural design was done by the Populous architecture company, whose portfolio includes the construction of the Super Bowl and the World Cup. The construction process was also carried out by AECOM Engineering Company (AECOM), which is known as the fourth largest construction company in the world and previously built several other stadiums, including the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. The construction of the project started with 400 construction workers and eventually reached about 1500 people.


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