Incredible claim by former intelligence officials: The US government has recovered alien spacecraft

A veteran of the US Air Force and a former member of the National Spatial Intelligence Agency of this country named David Groshhas claimed in a series of interviews that the US government has been secretly recovering alien-owned spacecraft and even the dead pilots inside for decades as part of a top-secret UFO recovery program.

Before we write the continuation of the news, we must point out that this whole claim is extremely unbelievable and far-fetched. Even assuming that the US government could successfully keep such a controversial secret secret for so long, the broader assumption does not make much sense. If aliens, possibly from another star system, have the super-advanced technology to visit Earth, don’t they have the technology to pilot their spacecraft automatically? And why would they send such advanced vehicles towards us as soon as they hit the ground?

Still, at least the whole thing is an exciting scandal with the potential to draw attention to the secretive parts of the US government. According to Debrief websiteGrosz has provided Congress with classified evidence that the government denied Grosz and other members of the Task Force on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) access to its program on the recovery of unmanned spacecraft.

According to morphology, materials science tests, and having unique atomic arrangements and radiological artifacts, the recovered objects are of alien origin (non-human intelligence, whether extraterrestrial or unknown origin), Groosh told the Debrief website. He added that recovered materials include intact and partially intact vehicles of non-human alien origin that have either landed or crashed.

After the release of the debrief report, Grosh spoke with News station website “We are definitely not alone,” he said. “The data shows empirically that we are not alone.”

In short, Grosch seems to be talking about a full-blown UFO conspiracy theory that suggests that not only have aliens visited our planet repeatedly, but that the government has actively tried to cover up evidence of such visits for decades.

The Air Force veteran went so far as to claim that the government has been able to recover dead aliens inside crashed spacecraft. “Naturally when you recover something that’s landed or crashed, sometimes you come across dead pilots, and believe it or not, as incredible as it sounds, it’s true,” he told the news station.

But why is Grosh making such a claim now? In his own words, to prepare people for an unexpected inhuman intelligent contact scenario. Groosh also stated that although the meeting of aliens with us is considered a global problem, the international solution to face it is still far from us. It should be noted here that if several governments were involved in the supposed cover-up of such a secret, it is hard to believe that they could have hidden all the evidence from the public all these years.

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