Increasing the popularity of Windows 11 among Steam gamers; Windows 10 is still at the top

Steam has always hosted gamers from different operating systems, and obviously the operating system with more users will include more gamers, which is determined by Steam’s monthly report of the share of operating systems, its size and bag; But as it’s been many years since Windows 10 was firmly in the lead, this report was not significant until the introduction of a newer version of Windows. With the release of Windows 11, Steam will host gamers from the new Microsoft operating system, which can be further modified in this report, so that we can observe the migration of gamers to Windows 11.

Given Steam’s huge statistical population of about 120 million gamers, Steam reports from users of different operating systems can be related to variables such as gamers’ popularity and satisfaction with the operating system. Steam reports on operating systems can lead to results such as popularity with gamers more accurately than hardware reports, because if a user is dissatisfied with the operating system, it costs less time and money than hardware changes and has more flexibility to change within a month.

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The Steam report of operating systems used by gamers in December 2021 was not very high and steep, with Windows 11 having the highest user increase, reaching 1.15% with 10.15% of Steam gamers.

A 1.87% increase in Windows 11 certainly could not be a big step closer to Windows 10. Windows lost just 1.64 percent of its gamers, still making it the largest community of Steam gamers with 81.74 percent, by a wide margin, and Windows 7 with a 0.1 percent decline and a 3.24 percent share. After Windows 11, it is the third largest Windows community of Steam gamers.

Among the Windows operating systems with 96.19% and an increase of 0.05% with a difference, it is the most acceptable operating system for gamers, and then Mac OS X with no decrease or increase, with 2.7% is the second operating system that includes Steam gamers. And the rest of the gamers will enter Steam with Linux, which with a drop of 0.05 percent from November 2021, constitutes 1.11 percent of Steam gamers.

Other Steam reports as of December 2021

According to Steam Processors, from November to December 2021, gamers using Intel processors increased by 0.82% to 69.62% of Steam users. This led to a 30.38% drop in the share of AMD processors among Steam gamers.

On the other hand, Nvidia was able to equip 76.83% of Steam gamers with its GPUs, which increased AMD’s share to 14.45% and Intel’s share to 8.51%, and the green color in the Steam report chart expands.

The increase in Microsoft’s share of the Steam report does not end with the operating system, and among the virtual reality headsets, Windows Mixed Reality was able to increase by 0.1 percentage points, 5.96% of the virtual reality headsets used in Steam.

Next month we can see the first Steam report in 2022. We’ll have to wait and see what choices the gamers of the largest PC gaming store have in the new year, under what conditions they entered it, and see the growth or perhaps decline in Windows 11 share. To what extent can Microsoft’s hardware limitations for Windows 11 or the problems and bugs of Windows 11 delay the migration of gamers to this operating system, and how can Microsoft provide the trust and conditions to increase Windows 11 gamers faster?

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