Increase internet speed with some unique tricks

Now more than ever, and less than ever, we all need a high-speed Internet connection for our daily lives. The Internet has become an integral part of human life on the planet, and this is not something that will change anytime soon.

In these days when we all suffer from slow internet speed, we should use any method to increase our connection speed a little. In this article, the best and most basic methods with the help of which you can use the maximum bandwidth allocated to you are given. Stay with Zoomit.

Reducing the internet consumption of applications in the background

One of the methods by which you can control your internet usage is to manage the internet usage of applications in the background. The boosts you get from apps are an indication of their internet usage in the background. If you are wondering why the internet volume runs out quickly, it is better to follow the following steps to reduce the internet consumption of applications in the background:

  • From settings to Apps go.
  • Touch one of the apps you don’t want to stop using the internet in the background.
  • Roy Mobile Data hit.
  • green Background Data turn off
  • Do this for all possible applications.

Checking people connected to your internet using NetCut software

In many cases we share our internet connection with others. The problem is that sometimes someone prevents other users from using the network fairly by hoarding bandwidth. This is very common when using P2P applications or downloading large files. With NetCut we can not only determine whether or not the Internet is accessible, but we can also control the bandwidth.

NetCut is a network tool that helps you find out who is connected to and using your network. With NetCut, you can get information about connected devices such as their IP, device name, and MAC address. Based on the ARP protocol, this program helps people manage their network so that you can perform various tasks such as listing the IP-MAC table in a few seconds and manage the connection of each device in the local network. Netcut has the ability to protect users from ARP Spoofing attacks.

  • After downloading the NetCut program, install and run it.
  • The first thing you need to do to get started is to Defend off click. On the left side, there are a series of icons that we have explained:
  • Lock icon: Disconnect and reconnect the possibility of connecting to Wi-Fi. Locking denies network access and Unlocking allows connection.
  • Three Wi-Fi icon: Allows to disconnect Wi-Fi, resume it and adjust the bandwidth of the entire network.
  • Refresh icon: Refresh the list of connected devices and find new ones.
  • Magnifying glass icon: To search for a specific device, you can search it by name, manufacturer, IP and MAC address.
  • After finding the devices, if you click on the box above each device, you can assign a name to the network equipment. So, the next time the application starts, you can use the search engine to perform an action on that device. If you name devices well, you can make it easier to find intruders and take immediate action on them.

Disabling the automatic update of programs

If app updates are set to happen automatically, even apps you rarely use and don’t need are always up to date. One way to reduce internet usage and allocate bandwidth to activities you are aware of is to disable automatic app updates. This can be done on iPhone and Android as follows:

Disabling the automatic update of programs in Iphone
  • to app Settings go.
  • Roy App Store tap
  • App Updates turn off

When you do this, you’ll get a notification from the App Store whenever an update to one of your apps is released.

Disabling the automatic update of programs in Android
  • Open Play Store and tap on your profile picture.
  • To Settings go.
  • Network preferences Select and to Auto-update apps go.
  • Don’t auto-update apps Select and on DONE tap

Using Data Saver

Data Saver on Android phones limits the amount of data your apps can use in the background. When Data Saver is on, if an app is running in the background, it cannot connect to the Internet. This means that app won’t receive updates or send you notifications. Less apps updating in the background means less power consumption, which makes your phone’s battery last longer.

Follow the steps below to activate it:

  • Go to settings and enter Connections become
  • Data Usage Open and on Data Saver Tap and activate it.

You can also Data Saver Search in settings and enable it.

  • If you need apps to continue to run and use data even when Data Saver is on, turn on Allowed to Use Data While Data Saver is On Tap and select apps.

Using the Net Optimizer program on mobile

If you have a high-speed Internet connection but your web browsing speed is not what it should be, the problem may be with DNS. By optimizing your device’s DNS records, you can find the fastest routes to send and receive your data packets on the Internet. This will not increase your download/upload speed, but in some cases it can significantly improve your web browsing time.

Your default DNS server directly affects how fast you can connect to a website. Therefore, choosing the fastest server according to your location will speed up your web browsing.

Net Optimizer improves network connectivity by automatically connecting to the fastest DNS servers.

The fastest DNS server is found based on your location and network so you can speed up web browsing with faster response times and reduce ping in online games for a better gaming experience.

This tool works for mobile data (3G/4G/5G) and WiFi connection and from different DNS servers including (Cloudflare, Level3, Verisign, Google, DNS Watch, Comodo Secure OpenDNS, SafeDNS, OpenNIC, FreeDNS, Yandex DNS and more other) supports.

  • After installing the program, just press the button Activate Tap to activate.

Manage Internet-connected applications in Windows with the DUmeter program

Sometimes there are applications in your Windows that start to operate and use the Internet without your knowledge when you are connected to the network; You may have forgotten which programs have this permission. Knowing about this category of programs and, if necessary, cutting off their access to the network may increase your internet speed and save the amount of your internet package.

Along with several network management functions, you can use DUmeter program to view the programs connected to the Internet in Windows. To do this, follow the steps below:

  • After installing and running the DUmete program, to use the mentioned feature, it is enough to right-click on the program icon in the Windows taskbar (in the system tray) and select the option View network connection Choose.

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