Incognito Chrome mode sues Google CEO

Sundar Pichai, CEO of Alphabet (Google parent company), is due to appear in federal court in California soon. Pichai’s hearing will focus on privacy concerns about Chrome browser Incognito.

According to Bloomberg, users’ lawyers intend to ask Pichai questions based on misconceptions about privacy when using Google Chrome for web browsing. According to a recent order in the Northern District Court of California, Pichai must answer questions in court for a maximum of two hours.

The lawsuit against Alphabet, filed in June 2020, claims that Google tracks users even when using incognito mode in Chrome. Google disputes this claim, saying it has made it very clear that this anonymous browsing mode does not make users’ online activities disappear.

Judge Lucy Co Had previously allowed customers to ask questions focusing on Incognito mode as a private mode, from Lorraine Tohil, Google’s senior marketing director, ask. Google has tried to ignore users’ claims, but Judge Koo has allowed the reports to continue.

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Google has also spoken out against litigation, saying lower-level employees who are responsible for Chrome and the browser’s incognito mode would be better able to answer questions. Despite the rejection of users’ claims by Google, the company has tried to do its best to deal with their countless requests.

What do you Zumite users think about Google Chrome Incognito mode?

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