In Search of the Lost World with the James Webb Telescope

The James Webb Telescope was successfully launched; But he still has a risky journey ahead of him. Over the next month, the spacecraft will be moving toward its destination 1.5 million kilometers from Earth. Along the way, the James Webb slowly opens and takes on its final configuration. This process involves hundreds of different steps, the occurrence of failures in the execution of even one of them, can risk the whole mission failing.

Launching a telescope is just the beginning of a long journey. James Webb now has a long list of things to do over the coming weeks. The telescope will first open its solar panels to power the sun, and then open its gain antennas to communicate with the earth. One of the most important parts to open along the way is the telescope solar shield; A piece consisting of 5 thin layers made of a material called kepton.

James Webb must operate at very low temperatures to be able to see in infrared light. The solar shield is a necessary condition for absorbing the sun’s heat and allows James Webb to be in a very cold temperature of minus 223 degrees Celsius. The installation of the solar shield must be perfect to ensure the success of the mission. Fortunately, this shield was successfully opened on January 5th. To find out more about this telescope and its purpose, stay tuned to Zomit until the end of the video.

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Do you think the James Webb Telescope will explore a new world?

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