In praise of winter and its unique beauty

In snowy and cold winter days, even if sometimes we prefer to sit at home and look out the window with a glass of tea and maybe a warm blanket, we cannot deny the beauty of winter.

We are spending one of the most beautiful seasons of the year. A season that is a great opportunity to take stunning photos.

Every winter, CEWE Photo Printing Company shares some of the most beautiful snow scenes as part of the CEWE Photo Award 2023 photography competition.

Participation in the CEWE photography competition is open to everyone, from amateur photographers to established professionals. This year, 10 photos from around the world have been selected as the best photos highlighting the stunning winter scenery.

If you are interested in participating, you have until the end of May 2023 to submit your photos CEWE competition with subject “Our world is beautiful” Post. with 10 categories including animals, landscapes, nature, aerial photos, travel images, cooking and food, sports, people, entertainment and architecture and technology; There will be 1000 final winners. With total prizes of over €250,000 and three monthly winners who will each receive a €100 voucher for CEWE photo products.

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