In its new advertising billboard, Google once again asked Apple to accept the RCS messaging standard

Google continues its #GetTheMessage campaign to convince Apple to adopt the RCS messaging protocol. The company has released a huge New Year’s themed ad in Las Vegas to push the Cupertino-based tech giant to adopt the RCS standard.

In its digital billboard, Google asks Apple to adopt the RCS messaging protocol to fix the problem of poor quality photos and videos in messages.

After displaying a message asking Apple to accept RCS, Google is asking users to help the campaign with the #GetTheMessage hashtag.

written by McRumors, the Internet search giant launched the #GetTheMessage campaign by launching a website in August. The website explains the benefits of RCS, including support for higher-resolution photos and videos, voice messages, the ability to send larger files, cross-platform emoji reactions, better group chats across devices, and improved encryption.

Google has been trying to get Apple to accept the RCS protocol since about a year ago by launching a website, posting on Twitter, billboards, and more. Of course, the iPhone manufacturer has not yet given a correct answer to Google Tim Cook Apple’s CEO recently stated that RCS is not a priority for his company. He says:

I don’t see users asking us to put too much energy into RCS at this point.Tim Cook

While all major mobile phone operators and manufacturers, including Motorola, T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T, Sony, Samsung, OnePlus, Nokia, etc., all support RCS, and Apple is the only company that has yet to implement this protocol on its iPhones. Is.

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