In 1401, people bought 30% less phones

The increase in the price of goods in 1401 had reduced the purchasing power of the people. The exchange rate fluctuation also affected the entire market, especially the digital goods market, and raised the price of all gadgets. In some models of smartphones, the price increase was staggering. These conditions caused the sales in the country’s mobile market to decrease.

Saeed Ishtiaghi, vice president of the Audio and Video Sellers Union, announced this news and said: “Last year, mobile phone sales dropped by 30%.” Considering that the secretary of the Mobile, Tablet and Accessories Importers Association told Zomit earlier that Mobile phones in the market are sold 30-35% more expensive than the real price, it was not far from the mind that the increase in the price of mobile phones will reduce the sales of these products.

The vice president of the Audio and Video Sellers Union told Bazarnews that the situation in the country’s mobile phone market these days is not favorable: “The market for this product and its accessories was not in a good condition in the first month of 1402.”

In explaining the decrease in sales in the market, he added that if before, five mobile phones were sold daily, now the sales volume of trade unions has reached five mobile phones per week. He considers the increase in the exchange rate to be the most important reason for the decrease in sales in the mobile phone market.

Although the increase in the price of mobile phones has reduced the demand and, as a result, the sales of this product, on the other hand, it has led to the formation of more demand for the purchase of fake phones from buyers.

The vice president of the Audio and Video Sellers’ Union, stating that the increase in the price of mobile phones has created a special situation for the supply of fake and cheap phones, explained about these phones as follows:

“These types of low-quality phones are contraband, because the Radio Communications Regulatory Authority does not allow the importation of these mobile phones; Therefore, they enter the country illegally and then by inserting raw serials, they send them to the market.”

Istiaghi also said about the way these phones are marketed: “This is mainly done on Chinese phones that have a very low processor (cpu), by buying raw serials and then uploading them to the weak processor system of these types of phones. »

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