Improved multitasking in Android 14 by creating a list of paired apps

The multitasking feature in Android 14 will be more useful than before with the addition of the ability to save a list of the user’s favorite applications to display in multitasking mode.

Not much time has passed since the Google I/O event of 2023 and the excitement surrounding this event continues. With the release of the second beta version of Android 14, we are getting closer to the release of the original version, but there is still a lot of time left until the final version is ready for release. As it seems, Android 14 can bring much-needed multitasking improvements to users by making it possible to save a list of apps to run at the same time.

to report XDA Developers This feature was discovered by Marshall Rahman. He noticed a new feature in the beta 2 version of Android 14 that was recently made available to users. This feature allows the user to create a list of pairs of apps to quickly run them under each other in split-screen mode.

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