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To find an implant specialist in Tehran like Dr. Vahid Dehghan, it is better to get to know the implant and its types or even who the implant is suitable for, so that we can make a better decision in choosing a professional doctor or clinic in this field.

What is a dental implant?

Teeth are an important part of the body and their absence can cause you trouble. In these cases, the best thing you can do is to use dental implant services. A dental implant is a method of replacing a missing tooth. In this method, a tooth completely similar to the original tooth will be implanted in the gum using a titanium piece that is placed in the gum and jawbone. This method is one of the newest, most up-to-date and best methods of replacing missing teeth.

How many models are dental implants?

In general, there are two types of dental implants:

  • Industrial
  • Subperiosteal

Endosteal implant is a dental implant, in this method of tooth implantation, the implant piece is placed inside the bone, but in the subperiosteal implant, the implant piece is placed on the jaw bone.

For whom are dental implants suitable?

Dental implants are suitable for many people who have lost their teeth for various reasons; Including combat sports athletes who suffer tooth fractures or lose a part of their teeth in whole or in part.

Pregnant and lactating mothers who may lose their teeth due to physical weakness.

People who may have lost their teeth due to an accident.

People who lose their teeth due to smoking.

Elderly people who lose their teeth with old age.

Dental implant procedures

Types of dental implant methods

Today, with the passage of time and the advancement of medical science, various methods have been invented for implants; In this article, we will introduce one of the latest dental implant methods that can be performed at the discretion of the doctor and the conditions of the jaw and face.

A normal dental implant has different costs depending on the type of dental implant and the type and model of the base and cover, which brand and which country it is from; But in general, the implant includes different steps that are normally the same in all types of dental implant brands. In the super-specialized implant clinic in Tehran, they will inform you about the advantages and disadvantages of dental implants. You will also be given information about how many months it takes for the base to fuse with the jawbone after implanting the implant base in the jaw, and what care and observances need to be done after that.

But there are also faster methods in all types of dental implants.

Immediate implant in Tehran

Immediate implant is one of the fastest methods of replacing a tooth implant with a missing tooth. This implant method is mostly used for front teeth, in which the implant site is covered with a temporary covering during the welding of the implant base with the jaw. The advantage of this method compared to the normal implant is the difference in the duration of the treatment. The duration of the immediate implant is less than that of the normal implant.

Also, the presence of a temporary cover at the implant site will not reduce the patient’s self-confidence. The immediate dental implant itself will reduce the patient’s psychological burden during the implant treatment.

But the only disadvantage of this method is that the immediate implant will be slightly more expensive than the normal dental implant.

Digital implant in Tehran

Digital implant is a kind of dental implant method in which various stages of the implant are performed using advanced technology and devices. For example, molding in the digital implant method is done with the help of digital oral and dental scanning devices, which both speeds up the photo-taking process and is a more optimal method than the method of using paste in the patient’s mouth; Also, it may be uncomfortable for some patients to tolerate the paste in their mouth. In the digital implant method, the doctor can usually see inside the patient’s mouth using a camera to clearly see the state of the patient’s mouth and teeth on the screen.

In general, digital implant is optimal and accurate compared to other methods and reduces the treatment time to a great extent, also the patient will have more comfort and peace; But from the disadvantages of digital implant compared to other methods, it can be said that this method will have a higher price than other methods of tooth implantation.

Services Digital implant in Tehran It is offered by the best clinics that provide superspecialized implant services.

What is an implant with anesthesia?

Implant with anesthesia also has completely the same steps as other implant methods. The only difference in this method is the use of anesthetic drugs approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Implants with anesthesia are usually performed by patients who have severe fear and a low tolerance threshold for dental services, and for this reason, the use of anesthetic drugs during the implant base implantation is done at the discretion of the doctor and with the consent of the patient. .

Implant clinic in Tehran, Dr. Vahid Dehghan

Where is the implant clinic in Tehran?

Implant in Tehran is one of the most important services of dental clinics. One of the most prominent dental clinics in Tehran, Clinic Implant in Tehran Dr. Vahid Dehghan is one of the largest implant centers in Tehran, which is managed under the direct supervision of Dr. Vahid Dehghan, a prominent radio and television expert. Cooperating with professional staff and using the best dental materials and being equipped with the most advanced devices are the advantages of this clinic.

This center has achieved 100% patient satisfaction by performing several thousand successful dental implants. Accurate consultations during the implant will help you have the best implant experience in this center. Also, implant services in Tehran and digital implant services in Tehran are specialized services of this center, along with tooth restoration and wisdom tooth extraction and other dental services.

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