Images of the Pixel Watch on the wrist of the CEO of Google were revealed

New images captured during an in-person event at Vox Media’s annual Code conference in Beverly Hills, California show Sundar PichaiCEO of Google uses Pixel Watch as a smart watch.

New images of the Pixel Watch on the hand of the CEO of Google on the Twitter account Mark Gorman It’s been published; Journalist known for exposing Apple products. According to these photos, the Pixel Watch will use a round chassis. In addition, it is said that the body of this product will be made of stainless steel.

Pixel Watch on Sundar Pichai's wrist

As DigitalTrends He points out, a glimpse Pichai It is done to the Pixel Watch with only a few hours left until the next generation Apple Watch is announced. In addition, there is still one month left until the official unveiling of Pixel Watch; The event that we expect will be held on October 6 (14 Mehr 1401).

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While the newly leaked images of the Google CEO and the watch on his wrist aren’t very clear, it’s interesting to see Pichaihow cautious he will be about testing the products of his respective company before the official introduction, so that the details about it will be less disclosed.

Pixel Watch on Sundar Pichai's wrist

Of course, many rumors and reports have been published about the specifications and features of the Google Pixel watch. For example, before we saw the publication of images of a real example of the Pixel Watch, which was apparently left in a restaurant.

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