If you have an AMD graphics card, do not install the new Windows 11 update for now

According to the claims of users in AMD Online Forumthe latest Windows 11 update (version KB5030310) is not compatible with Adrenalin control panel and causes problems with AMD graphics card software.

This is not the first time that Windows 11 updates are not compatible with AMD graphics cards. However, this time the problem is not so serious: users say that after installing the new update, Adrenalin software settings such as Anti-Lag and Hyper RX are reset every time the computer is restarted.

Some users say that Copilot artificial intelligence service is the cause of the incompatibility of the new Windows 11 with Adrenalin software. Fortunately, the new problem does not negatively affect the performance of the graphics card and driver.

Microsoft has yet to address the Windows 11 issue with Adrenalin, and likely won’t release any new updates anytime soon. Maybe AMD can fix the problem with an Adrenalin update.

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