Identifying original and counterfeit Samsung chargers by appearance (cable and adapter)

Today, it is not easy to choose the original product and distinguish it from the fake product, especially in the case of Samsung phone accessories in the market. For example, counterfeit Samsung chargers sold for this company’s phones in the market are so similar in appearance to original Samsung chargers that it is difficult to identify the differences between them.

Of course, this issue may not be very important for some, but if Consequences of using a fake charger Be aware of Samsung phones, you may pay more attention when buying accessories in the next series; In addition to financial loss, buying a fake charger will also affect the performance and health of your Samsung phone, and eventually you will have to buy a new charger or even change your phone.

The main topics of this article:

The importance of using the original charger

The battery is one of the most important parts in Samsung phones, and protecting and maintaining it is very important; Of course, maintaining the health of this consumable depends on many factors, and using original Samsung chargers is one of the most important measures that can be taken in this regard.

The phone heats up

Samsung phone manufacturers usually specify a completely constant voltage current for phones and chargers so that users can use these products for several years without any problems. Original chargers with Keeping the current voltage constant In the range defined by the manufacturer, they prevent damage to the phone.

On the other hand, non-original and counterfeit Samsung chargers affect the normal performance of the battery, especially in older phones, and cause them to rot over time. These fake chargers cannot keep the current constant and sometimes even with Creating fluctuations in the electric current They cause the temperature to rise in Samsung phones and damage the battery.

You can by reading the article Guide to buying the best phone charger In Zomit, find out all the factors necessary to buy a good phone charger.

Effects of fake charger on Samsung phone battery

When the battery is not charged properly, its energy will drain faster than the manufacturer predicts, and instead of charging once or twice a day, you may need to charge your Samsung phone several times a day. Charge you much slower than original chargers.

Original Samsung charger

In addition to the battery, this issue may also affect the performance of other phone hardware; Next, we explain why you should not use fake chargers:

  • Fake Samsung chargers in general cheaper These parts are of the original type, because in their production process low-quality raw materials are used and there is no supervision in this process. Therefore, the possibility of explosion or short circuit was more in them and they endanger the safety of the user.
  • Overheating Battery over heating is one of the common problems that occurs as a result of using fake Samsung chargers and may even cause parts of the charger or wires to melt.
  • In non-original and counterfeit Samsung chargers Safety circuits They are not there to protect the phone and their use makes Samsung phones vulnerable to current and voltage fluctuations.
  • Since fast charging technologies are expensive, fake chargers do not benefit from these technologies and the charging process in them slower is done In addition, the charging process is not stopped when the battery is fully charged, and as a result, the battery life is reduced.
  • Fake Samsung chargers No warranty or guarantee They are sold in quality and you cannot claim damages if they fail or break.

That Long term use Non-original and fake chargers will damage the phone’s battery, and if you have only used a fake charger once or a few times, there is nothing to worry about.


Chargers are usually of two parts adapter And Charger cable They are formed that the first task is to convert the received voltage into the current required to charge the battery, and the second one transfers this current produced by the adapter to the phone battery. The high and expensive price of Samsung chargers may indicate that it is original, but the very low price of this product definitely indicates that it is fake. Therefore, the price is one of the factors that you should pay attention to when choosing and buying a phone charger. The best way to check if a Samsung charger is genuine is to use an ammeter, fake chargers usually have a large amperage drop.

Identifying the original Samsung charger cable

In this part of the article, we introduce the most detailed differences between the original and fake Samsung chargers so that you can distinguish the original cable from the fake one when you buy it next time:

Production quality

Samsung products are generally produced with high quality; Therefore, a low-quality product cannot be made by this Korean manufacturer. For example, if after checking the Samsung phone cable on it roughness And protrusion If you feel it, you can guess that the charging cable is fake.


There are differences between the appearance of the original Samsung charger and its fake one Irregular design And Extra plastic It is on the edges of the cable, which helps distinguish these two products. Original Samsung charger cables have a precise and smooth design, while the angle of placement of the metal series in many fake cables is not smooth.

In the original Samsung charger cable, the size of the Micro USB connector (the original connector) is shorter and closer to the body to avoid breakage, but in the connector of counterfeit chargers, this Longer interface and the distance between the body and the connector is greater. In addition, on the main interfaces a small depression It can be seen that fake chargers usually do not have this dent.

Mark on the connector

The mark on the cable is not very bold in original Samsung chargers, but this mark is in fake cables Colored and bold have.

Charging speed

The original Samsung charging cable charges the phone faster than the fake charging cable. Of course, this depends on the fast charging technology used in the adapter and the adapter with low wattage of the phone slower It charges from an adapter with a higher wattage.

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Identifying the original Samsung charger adapter

Just like Samsung’s fake charger cables, there are many fake adapters sold in the market that are very different from the original type of this product. In the following, we will introduce the ways to detect a fake part with the original Samsung adapter:

Production quality

Original Samsung adapters are produced with high quality, and in contrast to fake adapters, they do not have enough accuracy in manufacturing, and for example, the appearance may be different. asymmetric, protrusion, Irregularity or have inconsistencies.


The appearance of fake chargers differs from original Samsung chargers in some details, such as grooves, cuts and overall shape. Original chargers usually Matte finish And they are uniform, while the finish of fake Samsung chargers is usually glossy. The writing style of the letter A in counterfeit Samsung chargers compared to its original type Thicker Is.

letter A

Original Samsung product adapters china Or Vietnam and see the name of one of these two countries on the main chargers, but if the phrase A+ on the adapter, you can be sure that the adapter is fake.

The color of original Samsung chargers is white, and if the charger is slightly yellow, you are dealing with a fake charger; Original chargers White color and their white color does not change over time.

+A and logo

UL logo On the back of the charger, it should be written in a circle in the bottom row and on the left side of the charger; This symbol stands for Underwriters Laboratories and refers to having the standard of the safety inspection organization for chargers; If the adapter does not have this logo, do not use it.

connection point

In the adapters connector part, one Additional plastic layer To increase durability and resistance, it can be seen at the connection point of the original Samsung charger, but in fake chargers, this part is smooth and flat and does not have a strong structure.

One of the other things that can be seen in the comparison of the appearance of the adapters, Designer company name and the producer of these products. Counterfeit Samsung chargers are usually nameless or have invalid names, on the other hand, Samsung’s name is engraved correctly and neatly on original chargers.


Counterfeit Samsung chargers are manufactured from low-density plastics and original adapters Lighter are.


Connect the charger to your phone, if your charger is original, as soon as you connect it to your Samsung phone, on the screen Pop-up charging Appears. If this does not happen by connecting fake chargers, only a small mark appears next to the battery. By using fake Samsung chargers, you will find that these chargers charge your Samsung phone much slower and cause them to overheat. To compare the different chargers on Zoomit, go to page Samsung charger See.

common questions

How can I avoid the possible dangers of counterfeit chargers?

After fully charging, unplug your phone and do not put it in a bag or closed space, such as a pocket or under a blanket, while charging.

Does a fake charger reduce battery life?

Yes, using a fake charger will cause the battery to not charge properly and drain quickly. This issue increases the number of battery charging cycles and shortens the life of this part.

What are the methods of identifying the original Samsung charger?

The writings and logo on the charger, the weight of the charger, the heat generated during the charger, the slow charging of the phone, the details of the design of the adapter and the charging cable connector, etc. are all ways to distinguish the original Samsung charger from its fake model.

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