Hyundai has apparently stopped producing combustion mortars

Hyundai has just launched its first electric car, and it looks like the Korean car giant is ambitiously shutting down its combustion engines. According to a report from anonymous Korean sources, it seems that Hyundai has shut down its engine design unit this month and apparently intends to devote the infrastructure to the design of electric propulsion.

The report contains an email that employees allegedly received recently from the company’s new director of research and development, Chong Kook Park. In the email, Park told employees:

Developing our own engine is a great achievement; But we have to change the system to create future innovations based on the great asset left over from the past.

In addition, other rumors claim that Honda will soon stop developing the third generation of fuel cells for Genesis hydrogen vehicles. Of course, this rumor has recently been completely denied by a Hyundai spokesman. Apparently, the automaker’s roadmap for the development of the next generation of fuel cell and electrification of the Genesis fleet remains unchanged.

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There were reportedly 12,000 people working in the Hyundai combustion engine division, all of whom are now being transferred to the development of all-electric propulsion. It is said about this:

Researchers from the motor design unit have moved to the electrical design center, and only a few remain to modify existing motors. The propulsion system development center is becoming an electrification testing center; While the propulsion performance development center becomes the electrical performance development center.

Overall, Hyundai has invested heavily in the development of hydrogen vehicles in recent years, and it does not appear that the company will stop developing the sector before using it. However, it is only natural that electric vehicles should be the focus of Hyundai in the short term; This is because these types of cars are very close to becoming public, and they have been referred to as the bets of the big automakers to transform the industry.

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