Huawei is trying to become a software giant

In recent months, Huawei has focused more than ever on the field of software, and some time ago, for the first time, it developed an enterprise resource planning system called MetaERP. Ren ZhengfeiThe founder of Huawei, in response to this achievement, said that he hopes that Huawei will become a more powerful company in the field of software over time.

According to Huawei CentralRen Zhengfei is considered one of the most significant figures of Huawei and has played a prominent role in the way of passing the restrictions of the US embargo. Zhengfei is trying with all his might to bring Huawei into a new direction so that the company does not succumb to US sanctions. America is constantly tightening sanctions.

Zhengfei believes that Huawei lags behind its competitors in the field of software, but it can strengthen its software unit over time. Zhengfei says it is “possible” for Huawei to become a software powerhouse.

Zhengfei has called on Chinese companies to take the lead and establish wider business ties with each other.

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