Huawei is likely to introduce NetGPT to compete with ChatGPT

ChatGPT has become the most popular and newsworthy service since its public release at the end of last year Artificial intelligence has changed the world. Not long after the release of ChatGPT, a number of large companies, including Google, started developing a competitor to this chatbot.

Conflicting reports say that Huawei is also thinking about entering the field of artificial intelligence chatbots and plans to make the Chinese version of ChatGPT available to users under the name of NetGPT. to claim GizmochinaHuawei has recently registered the Huawei NetGPT trademark in China.

Huawei NetGPT is listed under Class 9 patents in the China Trademark Office. Patents in this category usually include scientific tools. No details about NetGPT have been released yet. Huawei has previously said that instead of adding ChatGPT to its products, it is trying to develop more advanced artificial intelligence on its own.

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