Huawei indirectly threatened Microsoft with the keyword artificial intelligence

Ren Zhengfei says Huawei has no plans to release a competitor AI does not have ChatGPT. According to the prediction of the founder of Huawei, Microsoft will not be the most prominent player in the field of artificial intelligence forever. Huawei plans to release tools like ChatGPT will focus on becoming a processing platform for artificial intelligence systems.

According to Ren Zhengfei, Huawei spent 23.8 billion dollars on research and development last year. He says that at the same time as Huawei’s profitability increases, the research and development budget will also increase.

Huawei has managed to build a dedicated system called MetaERP for enterprise resource planning. The system, which will arrive next month, will help Huawei to carry out various business activities, from financial and supply chain management to manufacturing operations.

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