Huawei FreeBuds Pro 2+ wireless headphones with heart rate monitoring support will be introduced soon

These headphones are expected to be even smaller and lighter than the current model, making them easier to transport. Also, headphones are supposed to be more comfortable for long-term in-ear use. In addition to the mentioned improvements, Free Buds Pro 2 Plus uses other features such as active noise cancellation, transparency mode, and touch controls.

Active noise cancellation allows users to enjoy music without disturbing external sounds; While the transparency mode allows users to hear their surroundings while listening to music. With the use of touch controls, it will be easier to control music and make and receive phone calls.

The price of FreeBuds Pro 2+ headphones is not known yet; But according to the rumors, it is expected that its price will be the same as its previous generation. This shows that this wireless headphone will probably be an affordable choice for people who are looking for a good purchase.

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