Huawei brings satellite connectivity to its smartwatches

The satellite connection feature allows users even in places where there is no access to mobile network or Wi-Fi, directly through the phone or smart watch Send a message yourself. This feature for the first time in series phones Huawei Mate 50 was introduced.

to report Huawei CentralCurrently, Huawei plans to release a smart watch with satellite communication capabilities. This brand has shared some of the features of its next watch, including a durable design and the possibility of connecting to a satellite.

Huawei has not yet announced what kind of connections the company’s next smartwatch will be compatible with. For example, this product may not offer the possibility of satellite calling and is limited to sending two-way SMS.

Concept model designer HoiINDI has shared a new render of the Huawei smartwatch based on leaked information about the product to give us an overview of what it will look like.

In addition to Watch Ultimate, Huawei is working on its Watch 4 series. This series of watches from the Chinese brand will be available in two versions, standard and pro, and have already received WiFi Alliance certification.

3C certificates also show that Huawei Watch 4 supports HarmonyOS operating system, 5W charging and LTE connection; Features that are also present in the Huawei Watch 3 series. Other than these features, no other details are available about the upcoming watches from the Chinese tech giant.

The Huawei Watch 4 series is expected to provide better battery life than the current generation of this smart watch, and changes may be made to their overall design. These products will probably be officially announced at the event on March 23, along with the Huawei Watch Ultimate. Of course, some reports have said that these watches will be unveiled in April.

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