Huawei apparently has an amazing chip in the works

Until recently, Huawei was also developing its own chips like Apple and Samsung. Most of the phones of this Chinese company used the Kirin chip, which HiSilicon, the semiconductor company owned by Huawei, produced in China; But from 2021, the brand relied on Qualcomm chips.

Now to the report GizmochinaA leak has claimed that this Chinese giant has an amazing chip under construction that will be unveiled in the second half of this year. According to the whistleblower, Huawei plans to make a strong comeback in 2023, and to do so, it will show off some small surprises. For example, the new chip mentioned uses a new technology. The chip plays an important role in performance; Because it is an interface between the processor and the motherboard.

The leaker didn’t reveal any other details about Huawei’s amazing chip, and didn’t say whether it’s a Kirin chip or a brand new product. The new processor may improve Huawei’s position in the global market. The company’s phone sales have been on a downward spiral since the US trade ban and it is struggling to stay afloat. As you know, Huawei phones cannot support 5G and Google services.

Things don’t seem to be getting any better for Huawei; Because the US has recently signed an agreement with the Netherlands and Japan to make it more difficult for China to access chip production technologies. Apparently, the United States plans to ban Huawei from all suppliers, including Intel and Qualcomm.

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