HTC Vive Virtual Reality Detector Wristband detects hand movements more accurately

Different companies in their fields of work usually try to gain a special place for themselves in the existing trends. This is exactly what we see with the hustle and bustle of virtual reality (VR) and metatarsal technology. Of course, there are a handful of companies that are taking action in the ecosystem in question, and the Vive بخشChtisi section is one of them.

According to Digital Trends, the Vaio has introduced some of the most popular virtual reality headsets, including the Vaio Focus 3 and Vaio Flow. The company unveiled its new wristband tracker at CES 2022; A product that helps track people’s gestures and hand movements, and more importantly, does not rely solely on the virtual reality headsets of this headset.

HTC Vive VR Detector

While most brands in the virtual reality headset industry, including Oculus, target end users, the HTC One is promoting enterprise applications. The Vivo Focus 3 is also marketed as a virtual reality headset for businesses with applications ranging from medical staff training and emergency response to mechanical design optimization to non-learning and health-related uses. The newly introduced Vaio Wrist Detector will enhance the performance of a virtual reality headset by getting more information about hand movements than what previous Vaio headsets can record from handheld controllers.

HTC Vivo Tracker Wristband

A virtual reality headset typically uses special binoculars to detect any movement of the handheld controllers, and due to vision-based detection, the user’s hands will only be visible when the virtual reality headset is in the field of view. The HTC Vivo solution to this limitation is the company’s new wristband tracker, which can be worn like a watch on both hands. This product connects wirelessly to Vivo Focus 3 and can be used with or instead of manual controls. These track wristbands use an internal gyroscope to accurately detect wrist movements relative to the trackers, and the biggest advantage of this device is that it can work even when the virtual reality headset is out of sight.

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The Vivo wrist tracker can also be attached to objects such as shotguns or fire hoses to help emergency response teams train in virtual environments instead of relying on and learning from hands-on experiences. HTC has announced that this new product, along with the company’s virtual reality headset, can help with highly accurate tracking with six degrees of freedom. It is worth noting that this tracker wristband can also be very useful for virtual reality-based entertainment scenarios such as running a first-person shooter.

HTC has not yet announced details such as the price and release date of the Vaio tracker wristband. The company is currently working with companies such as Axon to assist the security and Flaim training process on virtual reality risk and emergency response. The company has also introduced a charger and several batteries, as well as a new charging box so that users can easily charge discharged batteries without wasting extra time.

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