HP’s new all-in-one computers use a body made from coffee grounds

Many people start their morning by drinking coffee; But have you ever thought that coffee is used in making computers? The latest HP all-in-one computers with 24-inch and 27-inch screens are equipped with a body made of recycled materials, one of which is coffee grounds. As part of its efforts to protect the environment, the company has used recycled coffee grounds in the body of its new products. HP claims to be the first manufacturer to use coffee in its desktop computers with an innovative process.

HP announced in a statement that more than 40 percent of its new all-in-one computer case is made from recycled plastics. In addition, aluminum and recycled polyester have been used in the construction of the bases of these products. The packaging of the mentioned products are also completely produced from sustainable and recycled sources. The dimensions of these boxes have also been reduced by 62% compared to the previous generation, and thus, their special pallets now accommodate 66% more units. This process ultimately helps to reduce the carbon footprint in the transportation of HP products.

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