HP adds 600 mid-range and low-end Elitbooks of 600 and 800 series to the list of products introduced at CES 2022

At CES 2022, HP updated its list of exciting products for the new year with the introduction of three laptops from the Elitebook 800 series and three laptops from the Elitebook 600 series.

EliteBook Series 800 G9 HP

Just like the EliteBook 1040 G9, the 800 Series will have a larger screen with a 16:10 aspect ratio, which means narrower margins and more space for keyboards and keyboard. The 800 Series includes three laptops, the EliteBook 830 G9 (13.3-inch), the EliteBook 840 G9 (14-inch), and the 16-inch EliteBook 860 G9. All three laptops use the MIL-STD-810H military standard, which means they are very durable.

  hp elitebook 860 g9 at CES 2022

Not surprisingly, HP has included the Intel Evo twelfth-generation processors with the third-generation Intel Evo platform for its new elitebooks, in addition to the 16:10 800 Series display. Also, there are differences in screen size and dimensions and weight of these three laptops. It goes without saying that the RAM of the 13.3-inch model 800 series cannot be upgraded; But the RAM of the other two models can be upgraded to 64 GB.

Specifications EliteBook 800 HP Series
screen 16:10 non-touch

13.3-inch, 14-inch, and 16-inch

1920×1200 IPS

Processor Intel 12th Gen with Intel Evo
Graphics Intel
RAM Up to 16GB (830 G9)

Up to 64GB (840, 860 G9)

Memory PCIe 4.0 up to 2TB SSD
Front camera Up to 5MP with auto-tracking
Security Windows Hello IR, fingerprint reader
connections Wi-Fi 6E


Optional: 4G LTE, 5G, NFC, Tile

درگاه‌ها 2x USB-A 3.1 G1 (1x charging port, 1 / side)

2x USB-C (Thunderbolt 4)

HDMI 2.0

Nano SIM slot

Combo Headphone / Mic

Voice Stereo Speakers with Discrete amplification
Battery 38Whr or 51Whr with Fast Charge
Weight 1.27kg
Color Silver

In terms of ports, this series of HP Elitebooks uses two USB Type A, two USB Type C with Thunderbolt 4, a 3.5 mm headphone jack and a nanowire SIM card slot.

800 Series Elitebook HP Ports

The new HP EliteBook 830 G9, EliteBook 840 G9 and EliteBook 860 G9 laptops are expected to launch in March 2022 along with the company’s other products. Although the price of this series will be determined on the eve of its release, we must say that usually the 800 series of HP Elitebooks start from $ 1,500.

EliteBook Series 600 G9 HP

The most economical e-book introduced by HP at CES 2022 is its 600 series. It should be noted that this series of HP laptops, like its 800 series, includes three models with different screen sizes, and unlike the 800 series, it will not have some advanced features. For example, the screen of the 600 Series Elitebook laptops has a 16: 9 aspect ratio and the capacity of RAM and storage is more limited.

hp elitebook 640 g9

Three 600 Series models will enter the market with the letters EliteBook 630 G9, 13.3-inch model, EliteBook 640 G9, 14-inch model, and EliteBook 650 G9, 16-inch model. If you have not heard of the 600 series before, we must say that this series used to be called Probook, but now it has been merged with Elitebook series. In the table below, you can see the specifications of this series.

Specifications EliteBook Series 600 HP
screen 16: 9 non-touch

13.3-inch, 14-inch, and 15.6-inch

1920×1200 TN or IPS

Processor Intel 12th Gen.
Graphics Intel
RAM Up to 64GB
Memory 256 GB or 512 GB PCIe
Front camera Up to full HD
Security Windows Hello IR (optional), fingerprint reader
connections Wi-Fi 6E


Optional: 4G LTE

درگاه‌ها 2x USB-A 3.1 Gen1 (1x charging port, 1 / side)

1x Thunderbolt 4 with USB4 Type-C (USB Power Delivery, DisplayPort 1.4)

RJ-45 1

HDMI 2.0

Combo Headphone / Mic

SmartCard / NFC option

Nano SIM slot

External 4.5mm Barrel

Voice Stereo Speakers
Battery 3 cell Li-Polymer 42.75Whr14 or 51.3Whr
Weight 1.27kg
Color Silver

In the 600 Series Elitebooks, there is no Type C charger, and older chargers are used instead; However, these laptops use Thunderbolt 4 through their Type C port, and that port can also be used. There is also an RJ-45 Ethernet jack on the body of these laptops, which is a useful feature.

EliteBook 630 G9 laptops and EliteBook 640 models and The EliteBook 650 G9 is scheduled to enter the market in March 2022 (March 1400). Like the 800 series, the price of this series is not known; But based on the past, the base price for the 600 HP Elitebook can be as low as $ 1,300.

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