How to ventilate the water pump of the building

Home water pump aeration training

As mentioned, this case is considered one of the technical problems of the water pump, and as soon as you detect air in the pump, you must immediately cut off the power so that the pump motor is not under pressure.

Usually, there is a special vent screw on every domestic water pump. After making sure that the water path is open, loosen the screw slowly, then slow down when you hear air in the pump. It is not necessary to open the screw completely, just make sure that the air inside the pump is completely released. In this section, slightly close the vent screw and restart the pump. While the pump is working, the remaining air will be completely discharged. Finally, tighten the screw, making sure to completely vent the water pump.

The cause of the domestic water pump getting air

Various reasons lead to air leakage in the water pump and since the device cannot pump air, its performance is disturbed. This problem leads to pump failure over time. In the following, we will discuss the most important reasons for the pump getting air.

Not getting enough water to the pump

The most common reason for the home pump to get air is insufficient water reaching its tank. This can be for two reasons:

  • Scaling of pump inlet ducts and tank water depletion
  • City water outage and disruption of water pressure

When not enough water reaches the water pump, due to its suction power, the device forcibly absorbs air instead of water, but it cannot pump it; Therefore, when the lack of water is compensated, the air in the pump remains and becomes troublesome.

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