How to use Google Assistant with headphones

Google Assistant is Google’s handy digital assistant that can help you do a lot of things effortlessly. By saying the keyword “Hey Google” and following your request, you can use Google Assistant on your Android phone.

If your headphones are connected to your phone, you need to change or enable options in the settings to enable the use of Google Assistant with headphones. In this article, we will explain how to set up Google Assistant to work with wired or wireless headphones. So, stay with Zomit until the end.

At least necessary equipment

To use Google Assistant with wired or wireless headphones, it is not enough to have Google Assistant on the device, and in addition to connecting to the Internet, there are other requirements that you must meet. To use Google Voice Assistant on Android with wired headphones, your device must meet the following conditions:

  • Android 9.0 or latest version
  • The latest version of the Google app
  • Google Play service enabled
  • At least 1.5 GB of memory

For wireless headphones, your Android smartphone should have at least the following features:

  • Android 6.0
  • The latest version of the Google app
  • Google Play service enabled
  • At least 1.5 GB of memory
  • Compatibility of both wireless headphones with Google Assistant

Launch Google Assistant on wireless headphones

If you have wireless headphones, you can use this method to set up Google Voice Assistant:

  • Make sure your Android phone is connected to the Internet.
  • Turn on your phone’s Bluetooth headphones and Bluetooth.
  • Open the settings and go to Bluetooth go. To pair headphones, tap on the name of your headphones in the field Available devices Tap and follow the commands. On some devices, you may be asked to pair your headphones after turning on Bluetooth and wireless headphones. In this case, z Accept Tap.
  • Once the headphones are paired with the phone, Google Assistant will send a notification to start the startup process. If this does not happen, open the Google app and go to the section More to the Settings Go and Voice Choose. If an option Allow Bluetooth requests with device locked It was disabled, you must enable it.

Launch Google Assistant on wireless headphones

Launch Google Assistant on wired headphones

This process is much simpler than using wireless headphones; Because there is no problem with Bluetooth pairing. Here’s how to set up Google Assistant to work with wired headphones:

  • Connect your wired headphones to your Android device.
  • Schedule Google Open.
  • to the More > Settings > Assistant settings > Devices go.
  • Choose wired headphones.
  • Option to turn on Google Voice Assistant Get help from Google Enable.

Launch Google Assistant on wired headphones

Let Google Voice Assistant read your notifications

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For more handsfree control, you can tell Google Assistant to read notifications. Google Assistant can notify you of new notifications and read content in some applications; Therefore, you do not need to check the notifications manually.

To hear notifications, open the Google Apps and go to More > Settings > Google Assistant > Devices Go and choose your headset. On the headset settings page, tap Spoken notifications Tap and enable it on the next screen. On this page, you can also select custom apps to read notifications through Google Assistant.

use Google Assistant with headphones

This setting is of particular importance; Because it allows you to reply to messages manually. Applications that you want Google Assistant to access notifications on the page Spoken notifications Select.

Personalize Google Assistant in headphones

By connecting headphones, you can specify the type of information that Google Voice Assistant can give you. You can also choose to have Google Assistant tell you personal information such as contacts or messages or app notifications via headphones.

To get personal results on your Android phone, open the Google app and tap More> Settings> Google Assistant> Personalization Tap and Personal Results Enable. Next, turn on the headphones. Also, an option Personal suggestions on lock screen Turn on to get the results without unlocking the device.

use Google Assistant with headphones

We hope you find this tutorial useful. You can share your questions about activating Google Assistant with headphones with us and other Zomit users.

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