How to stop spam emails in Gmail?

One thing to keep in mind is that unsubscribing may take a few days; So, be patient while Gmail unsubscribes you.

Also, if you don’t see this option next to the sender’s name, sometimes there is a hidden Unsubscribe link at the bottom of the page that you can use; But as mentioned, there is a possibility that Gmail does not support the mentioned link and does not allow the user to do this.

When you follow the unsubscribe steps for a particular sender, Gmail will prevent you from sending further messages; However, this feature works only if the Unsubscribe link is supported by Gmail and is an active link that belongs to the email sender. In fact, the sender must have allowed users to do this, otherwise you will not be able to use unsubscribe for such sites. Senders are obliged to include Unsubscribe in the content of the email so that the user does not have to use blocking.

Therefore, not all sites that use email sending may allow users to use an unsubscribe link; Therefore, if you do not see the option in question in the content of the email, we suggest you use the blocking feature; in this case, you will not receive any messages from the sender or, if you wish, all sent emails will be directly transferred to the spam folder.

How to block spam emails in Windows

If the sender of the message has not provided any link to unsubscribe from the emails sent, the best way to avoid receiving promotional emails is to block the sender. By using this method, you will not receive any spam emails; Unless you want them to be sent to the spam or spam folder of Gmail. Take the following steps to block:

To stop emails sent from the desired address, first log in to your Gmail account on your computer.

Now click on one of the sent emails to see its content.

At this stage, click on the three-dot icon at the top of the right screen, and then select Block User from the following options, and finally click OK.

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