How to remove shadow and noise in Photoshop with a few simple methods

It goes without saying that in the Filter section and selecting Camera Raw, you can change other settings such as Shadows, Exposure, Details, etc., so that the image can be edited in the best possible way.

How to remove noise from images

Cameras and smartphones are always improving the quality of photography, but sometimes, no matter how high the quality of the camera is, you may encounter the problem of noise in the images when taking pictures at night or in dimly lit environments. Noise in images usually appears in the form of false color and texture and reduces the precise details of the photo, which ultimately causes a decrease in image quality; However, removing or reducing noise from such images is not a difficult task, and by using Photoshop or additional noise reduction software, you can easily restore the real quality of the images.

In general, all digital photos have some noise, but the camera reduces the noise as much as possible. ISO is one of the camera settings that adjusts the brightness of the image. When you increase the ISO in the camera, the images are recorded correspondingly brighter; For example, when you’re shooting in the dark, increasing the ISO will help make the content in the image appear brighter. On the other hand, sometimes increasing the ISO ends up to our detriment, and at the same time as the photo is brightened, the image with a rough or grainy texture appears.

Noise reduction using Adobe Camera Raw

Photoshop software also has solutions to reduce image noise, which we will examine further. The software offers two noise reduction tools: Adobe Camera Raw for files saved in Raw format and another for images saved in JPG format. First, we review how to reduce photo noise using the Adobe Camera Raw tool:

First, open the desired photo in Photoshop. It is better that the photo you use is recorded in raw format. Choose Detail from the right part of Photoshop and open it. In this section, you can see options for noise reduction and color noise reduction. Photoshop automatically sets Color Noise Reduction to 25 and Noise Reduction to 0.

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