How to reduce the severity of iPhone battery health?

As in the article It was also mentioned whether fast charging or fast charging damages the phone battery, charging the device at high ambient temperature can cause more damage to it. Charging the device at high ambient temperature can damage it more. When the recommended temperature for the battery is exceeded, the software may limit charging above 80%. Even keeping the battery in a hot environment can damage it irreversibly.

When using the iPhone in a very cold environment, you may also notice a decrease in battery life, which is temporary. When the battery temperature returns to its normal operating range, its performance will also return to normal.

4. Taking off the iPhone case while charging

Some cases may generate extra heat when charging. As mentioned, excess heat can affect battery capacity. If you notice that your device gets hot while charging, remove it from the case.

5. Avoiding the complete discharge of the battery

Completely draining the battery is one of the worst things you can do to the health of your iPhone battery. If a discharged lithium-ion battery is left in such a state for a long time, it will go into a deep discharge state and stop working.

Apple has addressed this problem so that iPhone batteries can store some energy after they are discharged. However, if your iPhone runs out of charge, you should charge it as soon as possible. Also, when the battery power drops below 20% or less, use the iPhone’s Low Power mode. Using this mode will extend the charging time of the iPhone until you can reach an outlet.

6. Not using the iPhone for a long time

If you want to keep your device unused for long periods of time, you should know that two key factors affect the overall health of your battery: the ambient temperature and the battery charge percentage at which you want to turn off and leave the iPhone. Therefore, in this case, pay attention to the following recommendations:

Do not fully charge or discharge the iPhone battery. Charge the iPhone battery to about 50%. If you turn off the device when the battery is completely discharged and leave it unused, the battery may enter a deep discharge state. This will cause the device to be unable to hold a charge in the future. On the contrary, if you leave it for a long time with a full charge, the battery may lose some of its capacity and the battery life will be shorter.

  • To avoid excess battery usage, turn off the iPhone with 50% charge.
  • Place it in a cool and moisture-free environment with a temperature of less than 32 degrees Celsius.
  • If you plan to leave your device for more than 6 months, charge it to 50% every 6 months.

Depending on how long you put your device away, the battery may be low when you first use it again. So after you turn on the iPhone again, it may need to charge before use.

Optimize iPhone settings

No matter how you use your iPhone, there are two simple ways to preserve battery life: adjust the screen brightness and use Wi-Fi. Beside these two recommended options, check all the mentioned items.

1. Adjust screen brightness

To increase battery life and charge your iPhone, dim the screen light or turn on Auto-Brightness. To dim the screen, open Control Center and drag the brightness slider down.

To enable Auto-Brightness, which automatically adjusts your display to the lighting conditions:

  • From settings to Accessibility go.
  • come in Display & Text Size become
  • At the bottom of the page Auto-Brightness turn on

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