How to record a conversation on a Xiaomi phone

Years ago, you could easily record your conversations with the internal applications of devices like Xiaomi; But now it is not easy to do this; Because privacy policies have become stricter. Google disabled the ability to record conversations on Android smartphones, and after some time, we saw its reactivation. However, we finally said goodbye to it forever from May 2022.

Xiaomi users could also record their conversations long ago without installing a special program; Because the internal app for recording conversations was embedded in the devices of this company. When you hit the record button, a voice message would play informing you that both parties were recording. Thus, both people knew about the recording of the conversation. However, this feature was also removed from Xiaomi phones; Because Google said that all Android devices must follow its policies.

If your Xiaomi device’s Android is old, it may be able to provide such a feature. For this purpose, we dedicated a part of the article to how to work with the Xiaomi Dialer app, which was installed on some Xiaomi phones instead of the Google phone call program. Stay with us until the end of this article to learn different ways to record conversations on Xiaomi phones.

Xiaomi Dialer app

As we said earlier, this method might work on your device; But it is not available for newer versions of Xiaomi products; Because now Google dialer is used in the phones of this Chinese company. Some Xiaomi models use Xiaomi’s custom dialer app, Dialer, instead of the Google Phone app. Next, we explain how to record conversations using this app:

  • Run the Dialer app on your phone.
  • Go to Phone Settings > Call Recording.
  • You can enable “Record calls automatically” or use “Selected Numbers” or “Custom List” option to set a list to record calls.

The recording files will be available in the File Manager program under Recordings or similar folders.

The best call recording apps

Now that we have talked about the internal program of Xiaomi and recording conversations with it, we are going to introduce you to the best apps that you can install on your device and use them to record conversations easily.

ACR Phone

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