How to protect personal information when repairing the phone in One UI 5?

When there is a problem with our phones that needs to be repaired, one of our biggest concerns is the protection of personal information inside the phone.

The mobile repairer needs access to the phone’s user interface to check the phone and make sure it works properly; This means that if you have to leave the phone for repair for a while, you must provide the password to enter it.

Sharing the password of the phone is one of the things that none of us feel comfortable with. Our smartphones are our privacy and the main source of all our private information that we don’t want to share with anyone. With Get to know the best password management applications.

In this regard, Samsung has a new feature called Maintenance Mode or in repair mode Galaxy phones have introduced OneUI 5. This feature allows users to secure all data on their smartphone in case the device is brought in for service or repair. Maintenance Mode can eliminate the anxiety of leaving your phone in the hands of a stranger by blocking access to personal information such as photos, messages or contacts and restricting access to the phone’s default information.

Maintenance Mode What is in Samsung phones?

By enabling Maintenance mode, you can ensure that you can protect your privacy from others, even if you hand over your phone to someone else. about Learn more about Android 13 privacy and security settings.

When you have to hand in your device for service, Maintenance Mode creates a separate user profile, leaving the hands of the service worker free to check the phone. With this method, the repairman can check the main functions of the phone without accessing any of your private information. The only thing the user has to do is to select Maintenance Mode in the Battery and device care menu from the settings and turn on his smartphone. As soon as the phone is turned on, all personal information including photos, documents, messages and accounts will be hidden and inaccessible.

Of course, the interesting thing here is that if you ever encounter a problem with the phone yourself, you can examine the phone by transferring it to this mode. If you find that there is no problem with this mode enabled, then the problem is probably with an app you installed on the device or a setting you recently applied.

When maintenance mode is turned on, the person to whom the device is entrusted cannot also access user-installed applications. Also, the data or accounts created while using this mode are automatically deleted as soon as the owner exits the Maintenance mode. Downloaded apps will also be automatically deleted along with any data or accounts created when the owner exits maintenance mode.

It is not necessary to use this feature when servicing or repairing the phone. Whenever you feel you need to put the phone in the hands of someone you don’t trust enough, you can activate Maintenance Mode.

Activate Maintenance Mode in Samsung OneUI 5

  • Open the Settings app on your Galaxy phone.
  • Go down and on Battery and device care tap
  • in part Additional careRoy Maintenance mode tap

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