How to prevent tracking on the Internet?

It is very easy to understand how online tracking techniques work, so you can prevent online trackers by changing the way you browse the web.

Clear your browser cookies regularly

All web browsers allow you to delete your cookies. This will prevent a lot of online tracking. Of course, deleting cookies is not always easy because, as mentioned, many websites use this tool to log users into their accounts, and after deleting, you have to log back into your account. To avoid this problem, you can delete all cookies except for the sites where you are logged into your account.

Using a browser that blocks some cookies

Many of today’s browsers offer settings that you can use to determine which cookies are stored on your device. The simplest option is to not store all third-party cookies on the system. This will automatically save essential cookies and block other cookies. Depending on the type of your browser, you may be able to allow only the cookies of certain websites.

Use browser fingerprint blocking plugins

Browser fingerprint is one of the information that online trackers can use to distinguish users from each other. Currently, there are many plugins designed to prevent sites and advertising platforms from accessing the browser’s fingerprint. One such extension is Privacy Badger, which you can install on most web browsers.

Does a VPN prevent online tracking?

Many people use VPN to remain anonymous on the Internet, but you should know that this tool cannot prevent you from being tracked online.

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