How to make a short video on YouTube in 1 minute!

When Tik Tok became popular among users of the virtual world, other big companies tried to bring some of its key features to their platform. For this reason, YouTube Shorts was introduced, which was similar to the short and vertical videos of Tik Tok.

Now many people are posting short videos on YouTube. If you also want to do this but don’t know how, read this article till the end.

Before starting the training, we have to say something. Remember that other users can The best Telegram bots use YouTube to download and save the videos published by you on your device. Of course for There are other ways to download from YouTube that we have explained in detail in another article.

Video release on YouTube Shorts

Follow the steps below to learn how to share videos on YouTube Shorts.

tip: If you intend to publish a video in the Shorts section from a computer, you must follow the normal video upload process. Videos under one minute are automatically placed in the shorts section.

  • First, enter the YouTube app on your smartphone.
  • Then select the plus (+) icon in the middle of the bottom bar and tap Create a Short.

The camera of the device is opened in this section and you can access various options, which we will explain below.

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