How to make a calendar in Google Calendar

Finally, after choosing the desired features for the calendar, you can use the personalized box on your website by copying the Embed code provided at the top of the page.

4- Public address in iCal format is the address of public access to your iCal calendar file. Using this file, you can use your calendar in other calendar applications in different operating systems, such as Outlook and iOS Calendar.

5- (only for the calendar manager) Secret address in iCal format is the private access address to the calendar iCal file. Using this file, you can use it in other calendar applications without making your calendar public. You should not share this address with others.

If you sent this address to someone by mistake, by clicking on the Reset option, the previous address will be invalidated and a new address will be created for you.

6- In the Remove calendar section, you can cancel your subscription to this calendar by selecting the Unsubscribe option, and after that, you will not see its events in the Google Calendar program. Other users can still use the calendar.

7- (only for the calendar manager) By selecting the Delete option, the calendar will be permanently deleted and after that, no one can use it.

Add more calendars

There are several ways to subscribe to calendars made by others.

Membership email

If the calendar administrator has shared it with you, you will be sent a subscription email. In this case, just click on Add this calendar in the received email.

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