How to identify hidden cameras with a smartphone?

However, by keeping calm and following the steps below, you can detect hidden cameras.

1. Detailed examination of the environment

A careful examination of the surrounding environment is the first and most basic step to detect hidden cameras. Take time for a visual assessment.

In many cases, cameras may be inconvenient and poorly hidden, so they can be identified with a little searching.

2. Checking the keyhole of doors or unusual objects

Next, try to check for any holes, small holes, or unusual objects that could be obscuring the camera lens.

Use your fingers to check for hidden cameras at this stage as eyes alone cannot confirm the presence of lenses on or inside cavities.

3. Detection of hidden cameras with radio frequencies

The radio frequency detection tool (RF Detector) can be used to locate and identify hidden cameras. This tool uses the radio frequency of the camera to do this.

Of course, access to radio frequency detection tools is not easily possible for most people. However, if you have access to this product, you can identify even the most hidden cameras that cannot be detected by the eye.

4. Using a smartphone or an infrared detector

Today’s phones are good at finding infrared (IR) cameras, and it’s the most useful way to find a camera because you don’t need to buy a dedicated device to do it.

You can move your phone’s camera around the room and look for bright red dots that appear on the stage. These points indicate the presence of infrared. Most cameras use this technology to improve the quality of images in the dark. Note that infrared waves are not visible to the naked eye.

5. Use a flashlight

You can use a flashlight to check for unusual reflections from objects. To do this, turn off the lights and gently examine the area with a flashlight to determine if reflective lenses are present.

Hidden camera detection apps for Android

You can find hidden cameras around you using some smartphone apps. In the following, we will introduce some of the best Android applications that are designed to detect hidden cameras.

Hidden Camera Detector

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