How to hide apps from the iPhone menu

Apple provides users with different ways to manage the home screen. Not only can you move apps around and put them in folders, but you can hide them entirely from the home screen.

Hiding an iPhone app doesn’t delete any of its data; That means you can bring it back to the home screen whenever you want. You can still quickly open hidden apps from the home screen by going to the App Library page. If you want more privacy, it is recommended to hide apps from search results as well.

As in the articles How to hide photos on iPhone and Transferring files from iPhone to computer We also said that it is better to avoid installing third-party programs that claim to be able to hide iPhone programs completely. In the following, we have explained all the methods of hiding programs from the iPhone menu.

How to hide apps from the iPhone menu

in the article Practical tips and tricks for iPhone users. We discussed some methods of hiding apps from the iPhone menu. In the following, you can have a more comprehensive look at this issue.

Note that by hiding the apps from the iPhone menu, the apps will still exist in the App Library (the last page of the home page that contains a list of all the apps).

1. Hide apps from the iPhone menu by removing the app from the home screen

The easiest way to hide an app from the iPhone home screen is to remove the app from the home screen. To do this, follow the steps below:

  • Tap on the app you want to hide to bring up the menu.
  • Remove App Choose.
  • Remove from Home Screen Choose.

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