How to get out of Xiaomi Fastboot mode?

How to get out of Xiaomi Fastboot mode?


If you own a Xiaomi phone or one of its subcategories such as Redmi and Poco, you are probably familiar with the term Fastboot or have heard of it at least once.

The Fastboot space in Xiaomi phones is more useful for repairmen and developers of software parts than for ordinary users, because it has complex parts that we will discuss further. It should be noted that the existence of a series of specialized words in this article is due to the proper explanation of Fastboot mode and its capabilities, and since we want to focus only on examining this mode, we omitted to explain those specialized words. If you have a question in this field, you can share it in the comments section to get your answer from the Zomit team and other users.

What is Xiaomi Fastboot?

Fastboot mode is a mode to control the phone and operating system through command line and ADB interface. This mode is used to restore phone after failed update installation, change hidden settings, flash device, factory data reset, OEM unlock, bootloader recovery etc. Fastboot space is included in the Android SDK (Software Developer Kit) and is an alternative to recovery mode.

Going into Fastboot mode is necessary to install custom ROMs. You can also try beta versions or go back to a previous version of MIUI, which is not possible from the phone’s own settings. As we said, this mode is designed for repairers and users who have enough knowledge in this field, so if you are not sure of your ability, never try to do anything in this space because you may cause irreparable damage to your phone.

In the previous section, we used to name the applications of Fastboot mode to make it easier to define, to let you know the general nature of this space. As we said, one of the key features of Fastboot mode is the installation of official and custom ROMs. In the case of custom ROMs, you should first check if the desired ROM is available for your phone or not. If available, each ROM has its own installation method and mechanism, which you should see on the relevant site, but if you plan to install a custom ROM such as Lineage OS, you can read the specialized tutorial on installing a Lineage OS custom ROM on an Android phone.


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