How to get access to the new version of Bing earlier than others?

to report ZDNetThe new version of Bing is currently in the testing phase and not many users have access to it. Among its answers, Bing has announced that its codename is “Sydney”.

Yusuf Mehdi has advised the users of Derivata to use the new Bing to install Edge on their computer and make it the default browser. Users must select Bing as their default search engine and download the mobile version of Bing. By doing this, you will climb higher on Microsoft’s waiting list.

After 14 years of being in the shadow of Google, Bing has finally managed to attract a lot of attention. This search engine was launched in 2009, a decade after Google, and in recent years, it has been called one of Microsoft’s most hated software services.

Yusuf Mehdi says that the trial version of Bing is available in 169 countries of the world and users are very interested in Bing’s new search capabilities; But they are more focused on chatbot functionality.

According to Statista, Bing has 1.2 billion users. Currently, Bing has only 4% of the search engine market; A market that is dominated by 92% of Google.

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