How to find out that the iPhone battery has been replaced

Since the release of iOS 11.3, Apple has added an interesting feature to the iPhone, which allows you to see the percentage of battery health. Rechargeable batteries age chemically over time and their ability to store energy decreases.

You can see the percentage of battery health by referring to the settings menu, Battery section and then Battery Health & Charging. In general, we recommend replacing the iPhone battery after the health drops below 80%.

Identifying original and non-original iPhone batteries

Lithium-ion batteries are sensitive parts and must be replaced with great care. Any damage to these batteries can cause overheating, fire and injury. For this reason, only trained technicians should replace the iPhone battery. Changing the battery by non-professionals and using non-original batteries will negatively affect the safety of the device and may cause the iPhone to malfunction.

According to the official website AppleOriginal batteries are designed in such a way that the software of the device has the ability to identify them. The iPhone announces the details of the charge percentage and battery health through the iOS operating system. Non-genuine batteries or batteries that have not been replaced properly cannot provide accurate health information to iOS.

How do we know that the iPhone battery has been replaced?

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