How to find a job on LinkedIn? Getting a LinkedIn job offer

Complete your LinkedIn profile

When creating a professional profile on LinkedIn for the first time, you may not answer and skip all the questions presented to complete the profile. If so, it might not hurt to go back and answer the questions that are asked, this time completing each section in more detail. Describe your current and past employment positions as well as skills acquired.

Potential employers want to see your personality through your LinkedIn profile; So give them a little insight into who you are. It is also better to avoid simulating your profile to others; Because it probably won’t be attractive to those who view it.

Choose a suitable headline

A LinkedIn title is a short text of 220 characters or less above your LinkedIn username that describes your work. In search results, this short description appears next to the user’s name and should be such that it convinces readers to click on the profile to find out more about the person’s background and experience. Creating niche content allows you to stand out while increasing your image and credibility. The following examples can help you find the right title:

Has 20 years of experience in community management and social media, brand development and content marketing strategy

WordPress developer and digital marketer. I help businesses grow their online presence and increase revenue through effective marketing strategies.

Browse the LinkedIn Jobs section to search for related job openings. Use built-in filters such as posting date, experience level, and other filters to help you refine your search. Some companies place their new ads in this section.

You can also fill out your personal interests section so that LinkedIn can automatically suggest related jobs. Identify the job titles, cities, industries and companies you are most interested in and discreetly message recruiters. This way, you will receive notifications about roles that match your selection criteria, making your new job search easier. Finally, if you find the desired job, you can apply for a job through the relevant links.

Join groups

There are many groups on LinkedIn that you can join; Especially those who are involved in your business. Socialize with your peers, participate in ongoing discussions, and provide your own opinions and topics. This also allows you to establish yourself and be noticed by recruiters. Join mutual groups so that organizations can easily find you. The role of good links in the LinkedIn job search is very important.

Keep your profile up to date

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