How to delete system apps on Android to increase speed and charge

Android smartphone rooting

As the last method, we will teach rooting. Of course, the previous two methods, especially the first mentioned method, are better, but if you want, you can root your Android phone and start removing pre-installed apps directly.

When you buy a new phone, it is often not rooted. There are many reasons for this. From a software perspective, “rooting” turns you into a “superuser” of your phone. But after doing this, the security of the device will be compromised.

The main advantage of rooting is that you will have more access. The big drawback of this work is that you will take full responsibility for its performance. Doing so can disable some security features.

Anyway, if you have decided to do this, you can by reading the article How to root all Android phones, do this.

In this article, three methods were mentioned to delete the system programs of Android phones. We suggest you try the first method, because in addition to being easy, it also has high security and reduces the possibility of deleting important apps.

If there is another method through which you have removed default apps from your Android device, please share it with other users and Zoomit in the comments section.

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