How to control the iPhone without hands?

How to control the iPhone without hands?

Did you know that you can pay your credit card bill, browse social media or get cooking instructions and many other things without even touching the iPhone screen?

The iPhone’s hands-free control feature is called Voice Control, and it is actually one of the accessibility tools of this device. Although the Siri voice assistant can do many things without touching the screen, there are solutions that can increase the level of voice control more than you think.

Over the past years, Apple has considered various accessibility features for people with physical disabilities, which of course can be used to improve the process of doing various tasks.

How iPhone Voice Control works

By turning on Voice Control and saying Show Numbers, you will see a number on any selectable area on the device’s screen, and enter it by saying the number of the section you want.

Paying bills with a credit card is one of the best uses of the iPhone’s Voice Control feature. With this feature, you can pay your desired bill with a credit card even when the phone is locked. For this purpose, you only need to use Siri to start and unlock the device.

If you want to pay a specific amount on a specific bill instead of the total amount, it may be a little more challenging to do so without touch interaction on the iPhone screen, but it’s still possible.

It is also possible to pay bills with credit cards through Siri, but in this scenario you must have an Apple Cash account.

Auto scroll

There are several commands on the iPhone that can be used to navigate the desired page. You can move in any direction by saying Scroll or Swipe and then use Up, Down, Right and Left for more precise movement.

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