How to connect AirPods to Apple Watch

Whenever Apple’s wireless headphones are paired with your iPhone, they’re also connected to your Apple Watch; Therefore, you can use any AirPods with your Apple Watch without an iPhone. To get started, just make sure the AirPods are connected to the iPhone and then follow the instructions in the article.

Connect AirPods to Apple Watch

First, make sure the AirPods are connected to the iPhone. If you have doubts about this, read this article: How to connect AirPods to Mac, iPhone and iPad with one click. This is the most important step in the process. When AirPods are paired with iPhone, they are automatically set up for all devices that use the same iCloud account as iPhone (including Apple Watch). Thus, you will not need to make any adjustments to the watch.

  • To connect, swipe up on the watch’s home screen to open the Apple Watch Control Center.
  • Touch the icon shown in the image below and then select the AirPods you want to connect to.

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