How to change the function of keys and shortcuts in Windows 10 and 11

The use of keyboard keys and shortcuts on different platforms in general can greatly affect the speed of operations by the user. On the other hand, some may believe in the not so popular opinion that the more professional the user is, the more keyboards, shortcuts or shortcuts are used.

For example, consider the copy/paste process: first, you select a file or a part of the text by holding the left mouse click and dragging on that part, then you have to right-click on it and select Copy among the options. and right-click again on the desired destination and click on Paste from the options to complete the process. Even telling the steps is boring.

But, using the keyboard and shortcut, we can do the same process in a shorter time; Therefore, using the keyboard can really affect the speed of operations. But what if a user wants to follow his own rules for using keyboard and shortcut? Suppose you are a Windows 10 or 11 operating system user, have you ever wondered how to change the function of keys and shortcuts in Windows 10 and 11? Stay with Zoomit as always.

Microsoft has provided the open source project PowerToys for Windows, through which many interesting features can be added to the Windows operating system. From renaming a set of files to changing the result of the Alt + Tab key combination that allows the user to search among the opened windows with the help of the keyboard.

Previously, we have taught how to use PwoerToys tools in Windows 10, and now we must refer to this application to change the function of keys and shortcuts in Windows 10 and 11. Microsoft’s PowerToys offers various tools, one of the most important of which is to change the function of the keyboard keys of a laptop or personal computer based on the user’s needs and tastes, or even according to the developer of the program, it can also change the combination of shortcut keys according to the user’s desire; However, in the test that was conducted, the function of the shortcuts was not changed successfully; But changing the keyboard function in Windows 10 and 11 was done successfully.

Changing the function of keys and shortcuts in Windows 10 and 11 with PowerToys

In the past, to change the function of keyboard keys in Windows 10, we had to refer to third-party and unofficial applications that were difficult to use and were not compatible with the operating system. But Microsoft put an end to these difficulties by offering PowerToys for free, and now users can download and install this program for free from the Microsoft Store or GitHub.

With the help of the tool embedded in Powertoyz, users will be able to program each key of the keyboard according to their needs to get the desired result by pressing it; In addition, it is possible to change shortcuts or shortcuts.

first stage: First, download and install the PowerToys program from Microsoft Store or GitHub. You may encounter problems during installation through Microsoft Store; So, in that case, try downloading and installing from GitHub.

second stage: After completing the installation process, the Welcom To PowerToys window will open automatically. In this window, each tool is introduced and its settings can be accessed. However, if the program does not run automatically, you can find and run PowerToys (Preview) in the Start menu.

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