How to add formulas to Word tables?

In reports and proposals and similar documents, tables are one of the most important methods for displaying data. If you have data in Excel, you can add it to your Word file; But if this is not the case, you can create your own table directly in Word and put the formulas in it.

You may need a table of product information or sales or locations. You can easily calculate the total cost of products or the average sales or number of locations and enter the information into your Word file. On the plus side, it only takes a few clicks to add a formula.

Add a formula to a table cell in Word

After entering or drawing your table in Microsoft Word and entering the relevant data, select the cell in which you want to add the formula. Then, go to the Layout tab Go to the right of the scroll bar and tap Formula in part Data click.

How to add a formula to Word

When the formula window opens, it’s time to select the option you want. Just like Excel, Word tries to recognize the formula you want. For this reason, you may find common formulas that are ready to choose.

How to add a formula to Word

If the option shown is exactly what you want, click OK to apply the formula. The results are transferred to the selected cell of the table. To use a different formula or function or cell group, from the Formula window Use to make the necessary changes.

Formula option

Start your formula with an equal sign and then type your function (eg AVERAGE, COUNT Or PRODUCT). Inside the parentheses, add the position of the cells you want to use for the formula. You can use the up, down, left and right positions. Depending on the location of the cells, you can also combine positions. For example, you can use LEFT and RIGHT for left and right cells or LEFT and ABOVE for left and top cells.

How to add a formula to Word

Number Format option

Choose a format for results such as currency, percentage, integer or decimal. If you do not do this, your result should match the cell format.

How to add a formula to Word

Paste Function drop-down list

To speed up the process, you can select a function from the Paste Function drop-down list. This section puts the selected function in the Formula box; Where you can easily add position. You will find about 20 common functions in this list.

How to add a formula to Word

When done, click “OK” to apply the formula in the selected cell. After this, the results will be displayed to you immediately.

Example of a maximum formula

In this example, we want to see the maximum value for our products. Enter MAX (maximum) and click “OK”. Then, the maximum number of cells is displayed above the formulas.

How to add a formula to Word

Example of the mean formula

In the second example, we want the average cost and selling price of our products instead of the maximum. Enter AVERAGE (average) and click “OK” to view the results.

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How to add a formula to Word

Update formulas in Word

Microsoft Word updates your formulas every time you open your file. You can even update the formula manually. Select the result of the formula (make sure you select the result, not the cell itself). Then, right-click and select Update Field from the menu that opens.

How to add a formula to Word

Slightly higher, example of the AVERAGE formula You see. To show how the formulas are updated, we changed the selling prices to see how they affect our average. For this reason, after the update, it displayed the edited data formula.

How to add a formula to Word

When you plan to add new data to your Word file, remember the methods mentioned in this article. We hope you find this tutorial useful.

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