How much does Apple spend to produce the iPhone 14 Pro Max?

In an exclusive report, the Counterpoint Research Institute has revealed the cost of producing various parts of the iPhone 14 Pro Max. Based on this, the cost of providing various parts for the iPhone 14 Pro Max is slightly higher than the iPhone 13 Pro Max and reaches $464 in the basic 128 GB configuration.

In its financial reports, Apple announces the gross profit margin of its products despite not mentioning the profit of the iPhone or the production cost of each device. In the report of the first quarter of fiscal year 2023, this company announced the gross profit margin of its products at 37%.

written by 9to5MacThe production of iPhone 14 Pro Max is about 3.4% more expensive than iPhone 13 Pro Max. The main reason for the price increase is to equip the iPhone 14 Pro Max with a 48-megapixel main camera and an always-on display.

This year, the price of some parts used in the iPhone, especially the parts related to the network, decreased a little. Counterpoint says that Apple spends 13% less on the network equipment used in the iPhone 14 Pro Max than the previous generation.

The A16 Bionic processor costs about $11 more per unit than the A15 Bionic. The total price for various iPhone 14 Pro Max chips, which includes A16, is equivalent to 20% of the total cost of parts. The number of exclusive Apple parts in the iPhone 14 Pro Max is more than the iPhone 13 Pro Max, and the share of these parts reaches 22% of the total cost.

According to Counterpoint, Apple spends up to $474 to produce the 128GB iPhone 14 Pro Max with mmWave network. The sub-6GHz model costs $454.

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