How does sleep affect weight loss?

Does sleep affect weight loss? This question is very important; Especially if you are looking for diet and exercise to lose weight. Adequate sleep is just as important as movement and body fuel; Because it gives the body time to rest and recover.

According to experts, you should sleep an average of 6 to 8 hours a day; But many people can not experience a good night’s sleep due to stressful jobs or family reasons and even the use of technology. Not sleeping well can affect people’s performance and consequently their eating habits; But is it possible to burn calories by sleeping, and how will not getting enough sleep eventually affect appetite?

Believe it or not, humans also burn calories while sleeping; But the amount of these calories varies. Most people burn an average of 50 calories per hour of sleep; But the exact amount of calories consumed at bedtime depends on each person’s basal metabolic rate (BMR). The more we sleep, the more calories we burn; As a result, a person who sleeps only 5 hours on average burns fewer calories than a person who sleeps 8 hours a night. For this reason, adequate sleep has a significant effect on the body’s metabolic rate.

Lack of adequate sleep can also affect our efforts to lose weight. “Siberite, nutritionist and founder of FBF Collective, says:

Lack of adequate sleep can affect food choices; Because when you are deprived of enough sleep, it is difficult to follow a balanced and healthy diet. You may also be looking for foods like sugary or sugary foods that provide more energy.

Siberite believes that the quality of sleep is more important than its quantity. He adds:

Sleep quality is the body’s key to optimal function and an important way for the body to recover and key biological processes such as the regulation of hormones, including hormones related to hunger, appetite and satiety.

Hormones also play an important role in regulating or increasing appetite. For example, most people feel more hungry when they drink alcohol the night before bed; Because their sleep quality is reduced, their hormones are disrupted. PLos Med research shows that when sleep disorders affect ghrelin and leptin, two hunger hormones, it can change diet or appetite. Ghrelin is a hormone that increases your appetite and is released when you have an empty stomach. Leptin, on the other hand, helps quench hunger.

Siberia says:

Sleep is the body’s key to regulating hormones. When the body is unable to regulate hormones properly; As a result, it can increase the level of hunger and reduce satiety; For this reason, it becomes difficult to follow an optimal diet.

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According to a study of two hunger hormones in more than 1,000 people, participants who slept shorter periods than others had higher levels of ghrelin (9.14%) and lower levels of leptin (15.5%). Also, BMI levels were higher in participants who slept less hours each night.

Siberia adds:

When we do not get enough sleep, ghrelin (hunger hormone) and leptin (satiety hormone) become unbalanced, increasing the feeling of hunger and reducing satiety throughout the day. This not only increases your sense of hunger; You can rarely tell when you are full.

According to research, sleeping naked has many benefits for weight loss. You may want to wrap yourself in warm, masculine layers, especially in winter; But research shows that the lower the body temperature during sleep, the greater the effect on weight loss. In addition, research shows that body temperature affects not only quality of life, but also metabolic response.

Research by the National Institutes of Health on a group of men shows that a colder environment increases the body’s metabolism and causes fat burning. The function of brown body fat, also known as adipose tissue, is to help keep the body warm; As a result, when the body temperature reaches a certain level, this tissue becomes more active and burns faster.

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