How did one of the biggest technology channels on YouTube get hacked?

The famous YouTube channel Linus Tech Tips was hacked along with two other channels of the Linus Media Group, and the attackers used this opportunity to broadcast fraudulent videos live. They used cryptocurrency, changed the name of the channel and even deleted some videos. The owner of these channels means Linus Sebastian says Hackers have bypassed things like passwords and two-factor protections to gain control of channels.

Sebastian It says a Linus Media Group member downloaded a file that appeared to be an offer from a sponsor. This file actually contains malware that accessed all the user data through the browser and the attackers succeeded in hacking the channels.

Linus Tech Tips, TechLinked and Techquickie are now back to normal but Sebastian It has suggestions for YouTube to prevent similar violations in the future. He says YouTube should provide more security options for certain channels, such as not being able to change the channel name without entering a password. In addition, he has suggested additional security measures to prevent mass deletion of videos.

Elena HernandezYouTube spokesperson released a statement to Verge “After the Linus Tech Tips team reported that their account was compromised due to unauthorized access, our security team investigated to restore their channels,” he said.

Hacking popular YouTube channels has become increasingly common recently and changes such as offers Sebastian It can prevent many of these attacks from happening.

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